Collection: Cookie Gallery

We offer cutout cookies in a variety of flavors and shapes. No matter what you're celebrating - holidays, birthdays, seasons, life events - there's a cookie for every occasion!

Sweet LuLu's cookies are sturdy, but soft. Our cookie glaze melts in your mouth, making them both delicious and beautiful.

Cookies start at $3 ea. and may increase depending on size and decor. 

Use cookies as:

  • Main dessert
  • Additional dessert to compliment your cake
  • Party Favors/Gifts - We will individually bag each cookie .

Visit our menu for a full list of flavors.


  • Step 1: Availability

    Contact us to find out availability for your date.

    Browse through our wedding cake gallery and look at our pricing guide.

    Wedding Gallery 
  • Step 2: Tasting and Design Session

    Meet with us to taste your desired flavors, design the cake, and go through the pricing/payment schedule.

    Please come with any inspirational pictures or ideas.

  • Step 3: Day of Wedding

    We will deliver the cake to the venue at the time you desire. You can focus on getting ready for your big day while we focus on setting up your dream cake!