Meet LuLu...

I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.

-Elsie de Wolfe                 

 Hi there! I'm Lori and I have a passion for making beautiful, artistic cakes. As a child, I learned how to decorate cakes through my local 4-H club. Dreams of a cake business began in high school, and continued into adulthood. While working in the corporate world after college, I still practiced and prepared for the day when I could be a full-time cake artist. A recent turn of events left me with the freedom to pursue my dream. Deciding on the name "Sweet LuLu's" was easy, since LuLu has been my family nickname since childhood.

I have united my passion for cakes with another lifelong love - crafting . By combining all of my creative skills, I am able to put together a complete party with my "Party in a Box." Each box contains the essential items for any party: the cake, tableware and decorations. Handcrafted decorations and attention to detail make each party one of a kind.  I'm so blessed to see Sweet LuLu's come to life. My hope is that my customers will be delighted as I help them make beautiful memories.