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See our Serving Guide for cake sizes

Signature Layer Cakes - $3.50/slice

Choose 1 cake flavor and 1 buttercream flavor.

Signature Layer Cakes - $4.50/slice

Choose 1 cake flavor, 1 buttercream flavor to fill cake, 1 buttercream flavor to ice outside of cake.

Signature cakes may be decorated with the design of your choice.

*Additional price

Signature Cake Flavors

 Signature Buttercream Flavors





Red Velvet

*Cream Cheese






*Brown Butter



Signature Layer Cakes with filling - $5/slice

 Filling Flavors
*Lemon Curd
*Raspberry Filling
Cookie Butter
*Toasted Marshmallow
Peanut Butter

*Additional Charge

 Tiered Cakes - Begin at $5/slice

Decadent Cakes - $6/slice

Decadent cakes may be decorated with the design of your choice.

Garnishes are incorporated into your design. *Price may increase depending on decor.

 Chocolate Snickers Chocolate cake, peanut butter and caramel filling, vanilla buttercream icing, caramel drip.
Toasted S'mores Graham cracker cake, toasted marshmallow and ganache filling, vanilla buttercream icing, graham cracker crumb and toasted marshmallow garnish
Spiced Vanilla Chai Vanilla chai cake, cookie butter filling, chai buttercream icing. Garnished with cookie crumbs and cinnamon sticks.
Gingerbread  Gingerbread cake, cinnamon vanilla buttercream, chocolate buttercream icing. Garnished with crushed candy cane.

Drip Cakes - $8/slice

Decor may be incorporated into drip design.

Mocha Explosion  Chocolate Cake, espresso buttercream, chocolate ganache drip, espresso meringue cookies, chocolate bark, candy & sprinkles
Lemon Delight Lemon cake, lemon buttercream, lemon curd, white chocolate drip, vanilla meringue cookies, white chocolate almond bark & sprinkles
Birthday Cake Vanilla sprinkle cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache filling and drip, chocolate bark, cookies, candy, sprinkles
Mocha Coconut Coconut cake, coconut buttercream, mocha ganache drip and filling, espresso meringue cookies, toasted coconut, candy, sprinkles
Custom  Create your own combination of flavors. Or let us design the perfect drip cake for your special occasion!

Gender Reveal - $5/serving

  • Cakes - Inner icing between cake layers is dyed pink or blue.
  • Cookies - A sliver of pink or blue dough is baked into the cookie.

Cut Out Cookies & Brownies

  • Caramel Brownies
  • Decorated Sugar Cookies
  • Decorated Chocolate Cookies
  • Decorated Pumpkin Spice Toffee Cookies
  • Decorated Maple Brown Sugar Cookies
  • Decorated Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Decorated Gingerbread Cookies
  • Decorated Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Meringues: Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate
We have a large variety of cookie shapes for each season, holiday, event or hobby.