Ordering a Sweet LuLu's Custom Creation...

Sweet LuLu's understands that a beautiful cake is the centerpiece for any party, and we would love to design one especially for you!

Sweet LuLu's specializes in taking your ideas and making them reality. All we need are a few of your preferences, and we will use our artistic expression to design the perfect cake for your special occasion. We can also replicate any cake in our gallery.

All of our delicious cakes, cookies and icings are made from scratch. Our customers understand that the high quality of our products is a result of years of experience and the time we put into making each piece.

  • Orders may be placed anytime, however, we recommend a minimum of 1 week advance notice. Please call for availability. 
  • Cakes start at $3.50/slice, and may increase depending on decor.
  • Drip cakes start at $6/slice and may increase depending on decor.
  • Cookies and cupcakes start at $3 each, and may increase depending on size and decor.
                      Delivery Charges:                      
    0-10 miles - Free
     10-25 miles - $5
     25-35 miles - $10
     35+ miles - will vary 
We deliver to homes, places of work, or we can meet you at a central location.
Please visit our menu to view our full listing of flavors and sizes.
Please visit our gallery for inspiration, or to choose a cake to order.
When pricing a cake, we take into account many factors including size, flavors and intricacy of design. Contact us here for a quote.
Please see our pricing examples below...
Summer Lemonade Birthday Layer Cake                         
Specs: 6" 2 layer
Serves: 10-12
Features: Buttercream piping
Price: $35
Painted Floral Tiered Cake
Sweet LuLu's Floral Tiered Cake with Turquoise Purple and Yellow Buttercream Flowers
Specs: 4" 2 layer, 6" 2 layer
Serves: 14-16
Features: Buttercream painting, buttercream flowers, fondant plaque, gold painting
Price: $98
  Christmas Drip Cake
Sweet LuLu's Chocolate Christmas Cake with Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache Drip and Gingerbread Men Cookies and Candy Canes
Specs: 6" 3 layer
Serves: 14-18
Features: Ganache drip, decorated cookies, buttercream pinecones, candy
Price: $90
  Pink Swirl Cupcakes
Sweet LuLu's Pink Cupcakes with Sprinkles
Specs: 12 Standard size cupcakes
Serves: 12
Features: Buttercream swirls, buttercream piping accents, chocolate candy, sprinkles
Price: $36                                                     
Decorated Christmas Cookies
Sweet LuLu's Christmas Cookies
Specs: 12 assorted large cookies
Serves: 12
Features: Cookie glaze, piping, sprinkles
Price: $48